2012 Lifetime Achievement & Corporate Arts Supporter Awards and Nominees

2012 Lifetime Achievement Award: Jill Summerhayes

Jill Summerhayes’ infectious enthusiasm for enabling all those who wish to explore creativity led to founding the Cambridge Writers Collective; to driving the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, from conception to completion; and the encouragement for the Cambridge Community Orchestra to become the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra.  All reflect this author and water colourist’s passion for the arts.

2012 Corporate Arts Supporter Award: TLC Pet Food

TLC Pet Food of New Hamburg is owned by Erik and Sandra Kuttis. Founded in 1994, TLC has shown a consistent commitment to the arts.  As the company expands internationally, that commitment is even stronger.

TLC is a major supporter of The New Hamburg Live! Festival of the Arts, The Community Players, the Nith Valley Singers, London Pro Musica, The Ontario Mennonite Relief Sale, and The River Rolls project.


2012 Arts Awards Nominees

Leading Edge

AJ Bridel is a singer, actor and dancer who has performed in KW Glee, the Grand Philharmonic, and placed third in CBCs “Over the Rainbow.”

Joshua Chislett is an accomplished local independent filmmaker whose latest feature film, shot and edited in 2012, is “Cirrus Quell – A Hunger Games Story.”

Edward Cho is a piano/cello performance student at Wilfrid Laurier University who works to fuse music and technology with the Inter Arts Matrix Euphonopen project.

Rachel Kalap contributes to local arts projects including the eyeGO Youth Council, Grand Philharmonic Choir (as a Youth Choir advocate) and KPL’s Youth Advisory Council.

Sergiu Ursa is a guitarist/bassist who performs in a jazz duo and an electronic band, collaborating with local artists on soundtracks and cultural events.

Axel Villamil is a University of Toronto student of computer science and media whose diverse passions span choreography, dance, acting, singing, rapping, videography and more.

Joanna Worthington is an award-winning “ukulele alternative folk” songwriter who recently toured to support her 2013 debut EP “SOON,” and has performed in many local musical shows.



Terre Chartrand is a multi-faceted producer, director, playwright and writer of cultural criticism who examines the politics and aesthetics of the contemporary world.

Scot Ferguson is a prolific journalist and publisher of The Cambridge Citizen newspaper. His book, The Cambridge Wartime Scrapbook, won the Bernice Adams Award for Literary Art.

Paddy Gillard-Bentley is founding Artistic Director of Flush Ink Productions and facilitates the Urban Scrawlers playwright’s collective. She has published two plays and two children’s books.

Carrie Snyder writes poetry, fiction and the literary blog Obscure CanLit Mama. Her second book, The Juliet Stories, was nominated for the Governor General’s Award in 2012.



Heidi Churchill leads the Carousel Dance Centre and the Arts Express Day Camp. She developed “Dance for EveryBODY” to promote accessible performing arts opportunities for all poeple.

Kevin Coates is a high school music teacher who creates unique learning experiences through coffeehouses, art nights, poetry sessions and other ideas inspired by his professional music career.

Lili Galbraith has been an inspiring teacher of visual arts in Waterloo Region for 33 years. She holds degrees in Fine Arts, Education and Visual Arts.

Kimberly Manning is an accredited music therapist and music teacher for special needs students. She co-created KiJengle, which makes music lessons to all people.

Charlena Russell has been a teacher and fundraiser in Waterloo Region for the past decade. Her limitless love for music and education motivates everything she does.

Kat van Lammeren is a leader of Organic Groove, which fosters expression through rhythm and art. She launched Create & Play sessions for children with mental illness.



Shawn McDaid has released five albums including 2012’s “Extra Science.” Shawn won The Beat’s “Rhythm of the Future” contest, and promoted a science-themed album on Dragon’s Den.

Edwin Outwater has been Music Director of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony since 2007, and is widely acclaimed for revitalizing the orchestra with innovative and imaginative programming.

Nick Skalkos is a recording artist and drum instructor whose music with The Miniatures (1994-2008) has established him as an influential figure in Waterloo Region’s music scene.

Nick Storring is a cellist and composer who has collaborated with MT Space, Open Ears, Galt Little Theatre and many others locally, nationally and internationally.

The Skalywags compose music for kids of all ages and have performed at the Hillside Festival’s Children’s Stage, the Latitudes Festival and other local venues.

Meghan Weber is a singer/songwriter who has performed around Waterloo Region and released the EP “Afterthoughts” in 2012. Her song “Tiny Stones” can be heard on CJIQ 88.3.

Cuneyt Yetkiner is a Neuvo Flamenco guitarist who performed at the Zihafest International Guitar Festival. He regularly mentors and collaborates with others, and performs around the region.



Klaus Engel is an interdisciplinary artist who has been exhibited locally and nationally. He has worked with Isabella Stefanescu, Inter Arts Matrix, and has been on the Globe Studios board.

Faith Hieblinger is executive director and curator of the Homer Watson House and Gallery, engaging governments, organizations, collectors and non-profit agencies to support the arts.

Laura McDonald co-founded Laurier Musical Theatre, and formed RainDance Theatre to develop works that engage audiences beyond the stage. She coordinated the Radical Choir of Waterloo Region.

Stephen Preece is President of the Grand River Jazz Society, former member of the Board of the Waterloo Region Arts Fund, and prolific writer of arts/culture reviews.

Genevieve Twomey is executive director of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, recipient of The Record’s “Top 40 Under 40,” and a member of the Board of Orchestras Canada.


Performing Arts

Terry Barna is an actor who has performed in more than 40 plays.  He is also a radio and TV personality who co-hosted Rogers’ ‘daytime’ locally for two years.

Trevor Copp is a theatre creator who has worked with Theatre & Company, MT Space and Pat the Dog Playwright Centre, and produced his own show, “First Dance.”

Nada Humsi is an actor, writer and instructor of theatre and mime. Nada is an associate artist at MT Space and co-creator of Kitchener-Waterloo Arab Canadian Theatre.

Latin Fusion Trio has performed at theatres and festivals around the region, earned airplay on national radio, and is now working on a third album.

Heather Majaury has performed/produced with Impact Theatre Festival and MT Space; her play “This is My Drum,” which premiered at IMPACT 11, is in development to tour.

Textile, Fibre and Quilting Arts

Esther Budd has been knitting, crocheting and designing for the past 27 years. She expertly creates beautiful prayer shawl bags, cloth accessories and household items.

Joanne Jones creates recycled handbags and memory bags; she won the Bernice Adams Award for Visual Arts, and developed “Going Green with Your Sewing Machine.”

Nancy Yule is a self-taught artist who takes ordinary materials and transforms them into the extraordinary with a variety of innovative techniques and unconventional media.


Visual Arts

Stefan Chirila is an accomplished photographer and instructor who organizes “photo walks” and Inspirational Photography events to promote collaboration within the local arts community.

Kate Cox is a prolific artist who received a Region of Waterloo Arts Fund Grant in 2011, and was the featured artist in Velvet Rope’s March 2012 issue.

Breanne Cram is an internationally recognized professional face-painting artist who was nominated for the 2012 Greater KW Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Alex Krajewski is a prolific and renowned creator of sought-after paintings whose recent abstract acrylics on canvas utilize innovative compositions, unorthodox techniques and unique colour combinations.

Alannah Mason is a multi-faceted, award-winning artist who provides custom art installations, caricatures, face-painting and belly dancing. She has worked for the renowned Cirque du Soleil.

Sasha Ormond is a multi-dimensional visual artist who has directed a video for the band The Short Films, and created album artwork for Juno-nominated musician Emilie Mover.

Ed Schleimer is a pillar of the local arts community whose works span painting, sculpture, printmaking, pastel drawings, woodcuts and the spoken and written word.


Festival or Event

Kid’s Hop! is a Tuesday-morning staple for children under five and their caregivers. It provides a free, fun and social weekday activity for kids of all ages.

The Royal Medieval Faire has, for 16 years, attracted countless attendees for a day of period costume, fun activities and interactive experiences from a bygone era.

Stitch ‘n’ Kitsch is non-profit craft collective that has organized two shows annually since 2004, featuring fun, edgy and eco-friendly work by hundreds of established and emerging artists.

Festival or Event Volunteer

Coral Andrews has been championing artists hosting/producing Coral FM for 30 years. She has also volunteered to create a long-standing poetry night, concerts and theatre.

Dave Howell has been an enthusiastic volunteer around the region since 2003, offering his energy to countless events hosted by municipalities and independent fundraising organizations.

Karen Oddson has volunteered in the performing arts community for the last 20 years, particularly as co-founder and organizer of the popular Royal Medieval Faire.

Narine Dat Sookram is the award-winning initiator of the Caribbean Dreams Concert, a community radio show host and the founding member of ACTIVE VISION Charity Association.


New Festival or Event

Hespeler’s a Day & a Night Art Meets Music Festival is a community celebration that features performances, walking tours, children’s activities and more, showcasing Hespeler’s core.

The Brush Off is a live-painting contest where artists engage in friendly competition. Winners are voted through by the audience and works are auctioned to viewers.

The G33K Art Show creatively bridges the gap between fine art and geek/alternative art introducing comic, sci-fi and fantasy culture to a new audience.

The Grand Porch Party is a free neighbourhood festival in Uptown Waterloo that turns front porches into stages; attendees wander the streets and watch dozens of musicians.

KW LatinFest is a free two-day festival sponsored by Tropical 88.3 and Latin Life Magazine, featuring varied and accessible performances by local, national and international musicians.

Kitchener-Waterloo Poetry Slam hosts open mics, poetry circles and more to build a local poetry community. The event sends a team to the annual National Poetry Slam Championships.

Strummerfest features 22 performances at downtown venues, including an outdoor stage at Kitchener City Hall, on a December night. The volunteer-run event has raised $2,000 for charity.

Wild Writers Festival is a collaborative forum for established and emerging Canadian writers to gather and discuss the writer’s craft through readings, panels and workshops.