Q: So what happens now? What is the next step for Arts Awards Waterloo Region?
A: After the AGM in February, the Board of Directors will continue to convene on a regular basis to design the process for strategic planning.

Q: Is the Organization considering discontinuing the gala altogether?
A: No, at this time we are committed to hosting the 29th gala celebration once the strategic plan is complete.

Q: Why does the Organization have to do this? What are you trying to achieve?
A: We want to ensure we are engaging the community, celebrating the arts sector and recognizing the arts in the most productive way possible.

Q: My business was interested in becoming a sponsor. Do I hold off until the next gala is announced?
A: The Arts Awards will continue to accept sponsorships to support our mandate.

Q: I am an existing sponsor. Will my sponsorship be needed in 2017?
A: We will be very active in 2017 with developing the strategic plan. Your continued support would be very much appreciated.

Q: I am a nominator of an artist for an award. We submitted on time, but now what happens?
A: The nomination/application will be kept and applied to the next intake. We will provide you and the nominee with an opportunity to update what’s been submitted (e.g. CV, supporting materials/photos, etc.). The Arts Awards Administrator will notify you well in advance on the next intake, to ensure you want to go ahead with nomination.

Q: Will community members have an opportunity to contribute ideas or suggestions to the development of AAWR’s strategic plan?
A: Yes – we want to hear from you. Once community consultations dates are confirmed they will be posted on our website. For those interested in receiving an advance notice please forward your email address to admin@artsawardswaterlooregion.ca.