What is Arts Awards Waterloo Region?

Janice Jo Lee
ARTS AWARDS WATERLOO REGION (AAWR) is passionate about the arts!

We celebrate what the arts contribute to our community and how it enriches our lives – how it adds vitality to our spirits, broadens our horizons and defines our culture.

Artists and what they create is a vital part of our economy which attracts talented people who want to be challenged, instructed and delighted by the treasures they find here.

To celebrate and honour the artists in our community, we have recognized more than 250 artists in all disciplines though Arts Awards Waterloo Region with nominations and awards.

Each year, we hold an awards gala to recognize artistic excellence in Waterloo Region. It’s an evening of fun, celebration, awards, on-stage performances and gourmet food tastings in the lobby. It’s an evening to celebrate the arts in our community – and those creative, talented people who bring it to us.

Arts Awards Waterloo Region is generously supported by the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo – as well as local businesses, organizations and individuals who recognize the importance of the arts in our community and culture.